Tips for buying a car Make a good purchase!

Who does not want a car to escape the chaos of public transport in Lima? Sure you are one of them! Well, if you are thinking of taking out your vehicle credit or buying a car in cash , in this note I leave you some tips.

Define the currency of your credit

A vehicle credit can be requested in soles or dollars. While most cars are offered in dollars at dealerships, I don’t recommend asking for a loan in this currency . Why? Because you have to take into account the exchange rate. So if your salary is in soles, it is best to ask for the loan in this currency.

Compare offers well

Do not stay alone in comparing the offers of the concessionaires. Do not stop just to compare car models. Compare also the offer of banks . This way you will be able to choose the bank that offers you the vehicle credit with the lowest annual effective cost rate (TCEA).

Try to quote with your head bank

We all have a bank with which we have the most products, our savings account, salary account , some credit. This bank, so that you continue to be your client, can offer you greater benefits and less interest. Just do not forget to compare your offer to know if it really suits you.

The best type of loan

money cash

There are direct vehicle loans and there is also the offer called “smart buy” that some banks offer. If you want to take advantage of your car, I advise you to opt for smart shopping. This type of credit is ideal for those who have in mind to renew their car in a short time.

Did you consider this information? Now that you know, evaluate everything before buying your car. That way you will be able to have your dream car without unbalancing your personal finances.

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