The advice you never got and should know to buy a car in Colombia

Colombians are encouraging to have their own car and leave behind the Transmilenio, taxis and public transport. In many cases, because it represents greater comfort to be able to drive the vehicle on the routes you want, take as many things as you want, play the music you want and enjoy that freedom. While traffic is not the best, many people prefer to experience it from the window of their car than from a public bus.

Borrowing more than you should

Borrowing more than you should

However, this purchase may not be as profitable if it is made taking into account only superficial points or borrowing more than you should, with a model that does not even suit you.

It is common for young people to want to get everything done instantly, but these types of purchases should be considered carefully, in order to ensure that you end up happy and not regretting to screw up when choosing your car.

So when it comes to buying a vehicle, there are some basic points to consider: how much you can borrow, choose a used car or a new one, what range suits you, what method of financing you will use, and if your budget is prepared for additional costs. Next, we will give you the key tips to resolve all doubts.

Do not compromise the rest of your obligations to pay for the car


Your borrowing capacity is a point you should not overlook. Check your income and see how much money you have left after paying all your obligations, because that is what you can use to pay the monthly fee if you finance your car with a loan. Do not forget, your debts should not cover more than 30% of your income.

New or used car: Do not decide based on the myths

New or used car: Do not decide based on the myths

That a used car is more dangerous, that a new car is a waste of money, among other myths surrounding the purchase of a vehicle. Do not decide based on those comments; On the contrary, evaluate the real pros and cons of those options. For example, the amount of experience you have behind the wheel can influence, because some think that if you are an inexperienced driver, it would be better not to risk crashing a new car. But especially, it will have to do with the price you are willing to pay, with the guarantee, among other points.

If you want to find more tips to make a decision, be sure to read: I want a car, new or used?

Choose the model thinking about your needs:

Choose the model thinking about your needs:

Do not choose the car based on the lifestyle that you would like to have, that would look cool or that everyone would expect. You must choose thinking about what you really need and how you will use the car.

Here you will have to differentiate between low, medium or high range vehicles, and see what are the pros and cons of each. Does a 4×4 truck suit you if you don’t have a family and will you use the car just to go to work? Will a smaller model be more useful?

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