Stories of American immigrants from past and present on display at the American Writers Museum


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CHICAGO – At the American Writers Museum Sunday, author and lawyer Fiona McEntee sat down with many children to read her book “Our American Dream” and explore the history of immigration to America.

“Everyone has a dream,” McEntee said. “An American dream. And I believe that we are more alike than some would like to think. “

In a country of immigrants and their descendants, the ebb and flow of feelings towards immigrants has always been felt.

“I mean, I’m an Irish immigrant and I see the privilege that comes with it. But it wasn’t that long ago Irish immigrants weren’t welcome in America either, ”McEntee said. “And I think we have a duty to recognize that the immigrants crossing the border, the parallels between them and the Irish immigrants of yesteryear are so obvious to me.

Public interest in immigration prompted the museum’s latest exhibit. It honors different stories and allows clients to share how their family came to the United States.

“If you look at the authors here, they’re immigrants and refugees or the children of immigrants and refugees and they’re incredibly powerful writers,” said Carey Cranston of the museum.

For the parents there, this is an important lesson.

“I want them to understand how important it is to welcome others to America,” said Olivia Bedi. “Love each other. “


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