Bringin ‘it Backwards: Interview with American Authors


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We had the pleasure of interviewing American authors in Zoom video!

For the release of “Nice and easy“, American Authors has partnered with Mark McGrath of Sugar ray to create the perfect song for the soundtrack of a summer barbecue. The laid-back hymn takes a break from the chaos of the past year and reminds listeners to let go.

The new song is also a toast to the group’s new beginnings, releasing the single independently and having started producing their music on their own from top to bottom. After amassing over a billion streams, picking up multi-platinum and gold plaques, and selling shows everywhere, the guys have taken the reins and assumed dominance over their futures in 2021. Composed of Zac, Dave Rublin [bass, keys], and Matt Sanchez [drums], American authors fully embrace their new independence and return to their roots. Zac shares: “’Nice And Easy’ is the most published song by American authors in a long time. Not only did we write and produce the song entirely ourselves, we really wanted to do something fun while keeping our message of hope.

Since their training at Berklee College of Music in Boston in 2006, American authors have integrated into both popular music and culture. After working independently, they dropped their first album, Oh what a life, in 2014 on Island Records. It eventually went gold and gave the triple platinum anthem “Best Day of My Life”. He not only climbed to 11th place on the Billboard Hot 100, but it has also become ubiquitous in film, television, video games, and sports. To date, they have landed over 600 syncs and counts. 2016 What we live for hosted the Top 20 “Go Big or Go Home”. In 2019, their third feature film, Seasons, was widely acclaimed. This spirit is found in the single “Nice & Easy”. Entirely conceived by the band themselves, it kicks off its new chapter with a boisterous horn production, handclaps and inspiring, sunny lyrics. Zac trades verses with McGrath before the chantable chorus rings out with the ultimate optimistic mantra, “I’m going to kick back, relax, take in the summer breeze and slow it down just for now, take it slow.

At the end of the day, American writers are doing exactly what they’ve always been meant to do.

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