American Authors Team with Guy Fieri for the “Nice and Easy” remix with Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath –


This summer, the pop rock trio American authors released the perfect “Nice and Easy” summer jam with Mark McGrath of Sugar ray. Today they’re taking the runway to a whole new level with Food Network star Guy Fieri for an energetic remix that’s ready for the dance floor, or as they say just before the beat hits, ” dinners, drive-ins … and drops. ” Guy Fieri guide the guys to ‘Flavortown’ amid waves of techno beats that give the single an unexpected punch. Meanwhile, the original “Nice and Easy” is already taking over radio waves across the United States.

Singer / guitarist Zac Barnett shares how Fieri became part of the action: “We met Guy at an event a few years ago and you know what, he’s even more awesome than you think! We wanted to do an off-the-beaten-path remix of what people would expect and who better to complete the vibe of ‘Nice And Easy’ than the one and only Guy Fieri.

“The song,” Zac adds, “is a reminder to slow down and get back to the basics of living to your full potential.”

Earlier this month, American Authors performed the new single on Kelly and Ryan as part of the celebration of the 4th of July weekend. The group was also interviewed by talk show hosts about what they have been doing since the pandemic stopped rolling nearly a year ago.

During this time, the group created new music and took control of the production of their music now as independent artists. They have already amassed over a billion streams, received multi-platinum and gold plaques, and have sold shows around the world. Now the trio, consisting of Zac, Dave Rublin [bass, keys], and Matt Sanchez [drums], find their way back to the heart of what earned them success early in their careers.

“‘Nice And Easy’ is the most released song by American authors in a long time,” Zac said. “Not only did we write and produce the song entirely ourselves, we really wanted to do something fun while keeping our signature message of hope.”

By taking a fully focused, organic approach to their current sound, fans can expect more music to come in the near future from the Boston-born band. Stay tuned. American authors have a positive message they want to share with fans around the world.

“When you listen to us, the goal is for you to leave full of hope and in a better mood,” Zac insists. “The main thing we want is for you to go out and have fun. After the year has passed, I can see how much this group represents friendship, compassion and good vibes all around. It’s a message of hope, man.

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