American Authors and Seeb Release New Single “Best I Can”


After touring 34 cities, American Authors teamed up with Seeb to release a new single titled “Best I Can”. The song mixes the alternative rock style of the American songwriters with the upbeat, contemporary electronic / dance style that Seeb brings to all of their collaborations.

While being a great song to blow up on a long drive or just for fun, “Best I Can” also includes sweet lyrics about someone supporting another person in the best possible way, even s. ‘they think they don’t. match how they see the person they love. One of my favorite lines of the song is “Oh I saw, oh I saw. The archangels they fell from the sky. They fell right in your eyes. Oh I saw, oh I saw , you are made of the holiest.

Listen to the new song below!

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American Authors are a Brooklyn-based alternative rock band who quickly gained recognition with their song “Best Day of My Life”. They currently have three full albums, with Seasons being their last. The group will also join OneRepublic and The Bergamot for a concert at the Purcell Pavilion in Notre Dame, IN on April 25. Tickets are available here.

Seeb is a production duo based in Norway that creates a variety of different remixes for great artists. Since then, they have collaborated with artists such as Imagine Dragons, OneRepublic, Bastille and 5 Seconds of Summer. You can find their music on Spotify.

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