Rinri Project Newsletter. Phoenix Edition
Volume 4, No. 1

Opening the Interdimensional Window of Time

Greetings Fellow Velatropans!

I am broadcasting to you from the center of the sun. The heliosphere of Velatropa 24 is my domain of interest. We are at a great shift point in the affairs of the planet V.24.3, and of the sacred, holy Movement to reestablish Earth in the natural timing frequency with the rest of the universe. What is about to commence is the mind and time shift that is known as the Closing of the Cycle. This is inevitably the most powerfully transformative mind and time shift in all of history, for it is the End of History. And it is now hardly more than nine years to go.

While the count down to the Closing of the Cycle began at the last Rhythmic Solstice, 2002, we are now about to enter an interdimensional window of time. This is what commences the Closing of the Cycle in earnest. We have now entered the year of the White Spectral Wizard, and what is called the Fourth Year of the Harrowing of Hell. These four years begun on July 26, 2000, Blue Galactic Storm and conclude on July 25, 2004, White Spectral Mirror.

This fourth year means that this is the conclusion of the cycle of Hell. As it says in the Holy Quran, when disasters and pollution have spread throughout the land and the sea, then everyone will have a taste of Hell, so that we might return to the right work. The right work is the restoration of Earth in the natural time, thereby completing the biosphere-noosphere transition. This is a very big task so there is absolutely no one who does not have a job to do in this great labor. All are called and all are chosen, so take heart in who you are.

The seven years prior to this Harrowing of Hell from 1993 to 2000, we refer to as the Seven Years of Prophecy. Following the Seven Years of Prophecy the critical mass of humans to change the time had not yet become coherent, and so we entered the Four Years of the Harrowing of Hell. And now as we have begun the final year of the Harrowing of Hell, the critical mass is now in place. During these last three years the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement has actually become a populist force in the world. All that is required is to create within this force a consciousness of its own power. The opportunity to realize this conscious power is now upon us. This power must be able to catalyze in order to arouse ever greater planetary new time consciousness. We are now entering a critical period of time in which there are some very important dates that define the opportunity for this Movement to become fully conscious. These forthcoming dates and key points on the road to 2012 give us a time table for entering the New Time.

The first of these dates is coming up on the 22nd day of the Self-Existing Moon, which is also the 16th and last day of the Cube Journey of this Moon and will be the day Blue Crystal Storm, which is also the next solar galactic New Year's day. Please note: In Japan and the Far East, this critical day will be Self-existing 23, the last day of the 23rd Spin of the Harmonic Convergence, Yellow Cosmic Sun. On this day we will open a 260 day interdimensional window of time. Now, all over the world, this day is also being recognized as the Harmonic Concordance, a kind of second Harmonic Convergence. That is because on this day there is a lunar eclipse and, astrologically, a Grand Sextile. You can find more information about this on the internet, www.harmonicconcordance.com.

In any case, this point in time is very important as an astrological, interplanetary initiation. For those of us in the New Time Movement this event-horizon opens a 260 day galactic activation cycle that runs through the Day Out of Time and New Year’s Day, 2004. When this galactic activation cycle is concluded we will make known to the world that the calendar has been changed, and that the critical mass of humanity following this calendar is now leading the species correctly to the Omega Point of 2012. So on the Harmonic Concordance we can go into the meditation, unifying ourselves as a Movement as an irrevocable evolutionary phenomenon aligned with the future of the planet.

Once we have initiated this point of self-unification in alignment with the solar system, then we have the next critical point, which will be occurring on the 20th to the 23rd days of the Overtone Moon, Gregorian December 4-7. These four days constitute the Seventh Harmonic, Kin 25-28. In the 260-day cycle the Harmonic is a discrete four-day sequence recapitulating the color sequence red-white-blue-yellow. We can think of this Harmonic 7 -Lunar Store - as the fractal of the entire four years of the Harrowing of Hell, as it is the last time the Seventh Harmonic will occur in this cycle. This Seventh Harmonic is even synchronized to conclude with December 7, and goes from the days Crystal Serpent to Cosmic World-Bridger, which is the 13th sign of the tomb of Pacal Votan. It is also synchronized to the last two days of the third week and the first two days of the fourth week of the Overtone Moon, Magnetic Hand and Lunar Star. For those who follow the 7:7::7:7, you know that Cosmic World-Bridger on the last day of the third week codes the third week, while Magnetic Hand and Lunar Star are the two signs that code the fourth week of the Moon, which fractally represents the solar galactic year 2012-13.

According to Quiche Maya of Guatemala, these four days are very important because there is a special opening to the Hunab Ku:

“After the red planet (Mars) distances its charge, there is a subtle convergence between the cosmic and telluric forces, a time that lasts four days. This openness gives us the opportunity to create the force and balance. It is a sublime space that will allow us to access to Hunab Ku, heart of the heavens. This is a good time to ask for the internal strength, strength for the community, for the consciousness and to synthesize balance. This is the moment when the strength of all those beings of light, are needed. If possible it is asked to fast, perhaps on fruit, to remain abstinent for at least four days, and to do ceremonies at sunrise and sunset. It is important to work from sunup to sunset on both the 4th and the 7th (of December)...” From “Sacred Road Runner, Message from the Mayan Elders of the Eagle Clan, Guatemala, CA

Corresponding on the Dreamspell Calendar to the four days of the Seventh Harmonic, it is important to remember that the Seven represents the Mystic Channel that connects us to the Hunab Ku. This is the inner meaning of the synchronic power of Seven - it literally opens us to a psychic vortex leading directly to galactic central. For this reason, it is important on these four days to fast, to do inner purification, and to meditate for the stabilization of the energies for World Peace. At the same time one can consciously establish a strong personal connection with the Hunab Ku, the Galactic Center, and channel these galactic energies of the Hunab Ku for the creation of the dynamic force of peace. This action will assure that the interdimensional window of time opened on the Harmonic Concordance will be firmly established in a link between you and the Hunab Ku.

Then, when we get to the 10th day of the Crystal Moon, we reach the next event-horizon in the opening of the interdimensional window of time. On the Dreamspell Calendar this day, Blue Electric Monkey, is a galactic activation portal and another one of the thirteen clear signs of the tomb of Pacal Votan. It is significant that the Monkey represents solar-prophetic Venus, because on this day will occur what is called the Venus Transit, the passing of the Planet Venus across the face of the Sun. This occurs about once every 250 years, and happens in two passes which are always exactly 8 years apart. So, the first pass is the Venus Transit on 2004, and the second pass is on 2012, and also will occur on the Crystal Moon. As the planet sacred to Quetzalcoatl, the Venus transit will be the sign of the full opening of the Road to 2012. To inaugurate this moment opening the full eight year cycle to 2012, there will be global meditation and peace celebrations all over the world known as the Oneness Festival. One week after the Venus transit, White Planetary Mirror, another galactic activation portal, note the 52nd anniversary of the opening of the tomb of Pacal Votan, a prophetic augury of the interdimensional window of time, the Road to 2012.

At the Call of the Condor Vision Council, representing the unification of the Bioregional Movement, the Ecovillage Network, Rainbow Peace Caravan and Rainbow Nation, and the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement, it was agreed that the time from the Venus Transit to the Day Out of Time, July 25th, would be a period of great activation, education and mobilization of all the groups, energies, and forces working for positive, peaceful planetary change. The intention is to artistically demonstrate and to educate by whatever ways possible, that an alternative way of life has now fully manifest on the planet. During this time it will be announced and shown to the rest of the world what is this new way of life, this alternative view, this positive vision which opens to the New Time. This coalition force is now mobilizing to establish the positive vision for the rest of the human race and in preparation for the conclusion of this cycle - 2012.

The Day Out of Time 2004, the culmination of the four years of the Harrowing of Hell, will be a Gregorian Sunday. For this reason there are plans for a worldwide three day Galactic Green Day-Day Out of Time event this year. Friday July 23rd, Yellow Solar Warrior, Saturday July 24th Red Planetary Earth, and Sunday July 25th White Spectral Mirror will constitute the three days culminating the cycle of activation begun with the Venus Transit. The Day out of Time will conclude the Campaign for the New Time announcing the beginning of the Great Calendar Change. The Great Calendar Change is considered as an eight year cycle, from 2004 to 2012, which is actually also a Mind Shift and a Time Shift. So when we get to 2012, the 13:20 frequency will be the frequency of all the Earth once again.

These are the key points to July 26th Blue Crystal Storm, 2004, when the interdimensional window of time will be irreversibly opened. For the first time in history a calendar change will have occurred, not by a pope or a dictator, but by the people themselves. This is a process now in motion, for the critical mass following the new time is now place. The 260 day cycle form the Harmonic Concordance through the Day out of Time is the period for bringing into full coherency and consciousness this new force upon the world. This critical mass represents the irreversible momentum of evolution, and on July 26, the rest of the human race will be invited to join in what is now an inevitable process.

So from 2004 to the Closing of the Cycle 2012, will occur the definitive, final mutation of the historical process. By 2007 there will be powerful Earth Changes, and from 2004 to 2008 the collapse of the Technosphere and the necessary establishment of the new communities. Then from 2008-09 to 2012-13, will be the time of the dissemination of the new knowledge for the rest of the human race and for the intensification of the practices of telepathy and the other arts of the Science of Time. And there will be further great Earth changes, including the very strong possibility of a pole shift. So it is important to establish, as soon as possible, communities that are not dependent on the 12:60 grid. From the center of the sun, all this foreseen - the new solar age, the coming of the Rainbow Bridge ... 2012. Way of Conduct, Journey of the Soul

“Successful indeed is the one who redeems his soul.” Quran, 87:14

If the road to 2012 is anything it is the Journey of the Soul. Since the 9-11, every soul has been put on trial. Strange transformations, unexpected twists of fate and destiny have been the lot of every soul in one way or another. Each of us is being asked to examine and purify his or her own soul. For this is the End of the Journey. 2012 is the great Omega Point. If we can take advantage of the time before us and purify our souls, then all will go well for us no matter what happens. Soul accounting is a solitary process requiring utmost autonomy. In fact, soul accounting is the essence of what is known as the Way of Conduct.

According to the Twenty Tablets of the Law of Time, we are now in the last two years of the AC - the Aboriginal Continuity - which is the Way of Conduct. These two years, 2003-2005 are the most important years for the reawakening of the soul, for when the Blue Crystal Storm year dawns we commence the Seven years of the Mystery of the Stone. These seven years, 2004-11 are the time of the purification and perfection of the human soul, the greatest spiritual opportunity in all of history. So whatever trials you are suffering now, don’t lose the faith, but bear with patience whatever you are undergoing. These trials are but the purgation necessary for the perfection of the human soul, for no soul can enter the Kingdom of Heaven without being tested.

But what is the Way of Conduct? The true Way of Conduct is an inner reliance on a spiritual second sight. This spiritual second sight is something we have lost as a species. Now trapped in the Technosphere, for our survival this spiritual second sight must be cultivated anew. All of the old ways, institutionalized and hardened into various forms are no longer viable. We need what Dogen calls “soft, flexible mind.” It matters not what spiritual tradition you follow, or if you follow one at all, there are certain universal points that must be grasped.

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