Foundation for the Law of Time
White Spectral Wizard Year
Calendar Change Tour of Duty, Phase I

1. From Temple of the Cosmic Serpent to the Call of the Condor - Peru

The year of the White Spectral Wizard (2003-04) is the fourth and last year of the Campaign for the New Time - and of the “Harrowing of Hell,” the prophetic period between the Seven Years of prophecy (1993-2000) and the Seven Years of the Mystery of the Stone (2004-2011).

The Foundation’s last official activity on the world stage, the seventh of its seven day Earth Wizard’s Seminars, took place in Mexico during the Galactic Moon of the Solar Seed Year. Now it was the Electric Moon of Service, more than a year and a half later, and the Foundation’s global presence was being called for once again. Review of the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement and a renewed planetary activation for the culmination of the Campaign for the New Time provided the call. A further purpose of the journey was a survey of world culture in the era of globalization, but from the perspective of cosmic history.

On behalf of the Foundation, the President, accompanied by the Chief Research Assistant, departed for the South from the Foundation’s new headquarters in Ashland, Oregon. The first stop before heading to Peru was Los Angeles, California. There, on the evening of Electric Moon 2, Blue Electric Monkey (September 21), the Foundation participated in a benefit performance, “Temple of the Cosmic Serpent,” a spectacular event created by Jim Berenholtz and his dance troupe, including many live pythons. Staged at the famed Sowden House in Hollywood, constructed and designed in a neo-Mayan style by the son of the noted architect Frank Lloyd Wright, the epic and mythical evening netted the Foundation $1833. This primal and evocative performance was a most fitting initiation to the next four weeks of global activity

The next day the Foundation team was off to Peru for the Call of the Condor Vision Council, held in the sacred valley of the Inca outside of Cuzco, Peru. Successfully convened by Liora Adler and Alberto Ruz of the Rainbow Peace Caravan, the Vision Council was a gathering of representatives of the Bioregional Movement, the Ecovillage Sustainable Community Network, the Rainbow nation, the Indigenous peoples and the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement.

Held at Camp Veronica deep within the sacred valley of the Inca some 8,000 feet up along the banks of the Urubamba river and beneath perennially snowcapped Andean peaks, the gathering was not easy to reach. Flights to lima via Atlanta, an overnight at a place called the Manhattan Inn, then on to Cuzco the following day. While Lima is everything that epitomizes the worst of third world urbanization - poverty, industrial wastelands, and bad air - Cuzco is still filled with colonial era charm and a strong Inca presence everywhere.

A two to three hour cab ride out of Cuzco past majestic Ollantaytambo is hosted by an Incan cab driver named Franklin who gives you the Quechua (Inca language) word for everything along the road. The taxi tour is completed on the other side of the river from Camp Veronica. The road doesn’t go any farther, and from here you have to trek into the camp over a rickety footbridge high above the raging Urubamba river. Amazing to think that this is a tributary of the Amazon! The Foundation team’s bags are too big and heavy to trek so Franklin is trusted to hold them until they meet again either in Ollantaytambo or Cuzco.

Camp Veronica

The camp is a colorful spectacle. Hundreds of tents dot the high plain beneath craggy mountain sides. Over 800 people are bivouacked here in this week-long village. Makeshift latrines and showers are the peak of comfort. Often during the day intense winds blow down from the Andes, while the nights can be rather chilly. Over toward one side of the encampment the Thirteen Moon village sports its flags - Banners of Peace and the seal of the Galactic Federation. The entire scene is reminiscent of a rainbow gathering. Meals are served by the locals who provide a host of vegetarian indigenous dishes, many of them with quinoa, vegetables and a variety of potatoes. Despite the difficult conditions the mood is quite upbeat. Large gatherings occur in a circus tent. Smaller gatherings in a yurt style tent or in the large room of the only permanent building on the grounds. Alberto Ruz informs the team that the entire set up had to be brought across the Urubamba river on a cable, including all the parts of the two-ton circus tent.

From observations and conversations it is clear that the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement has come of age here as a sociopolitical force. It is most telling that the context for this coming of age was a radical alternative community, indigenous and bioregional vision council. While most of the kin making a very strong presence were from South America, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Chile and Argentina, there were also kin from Europe, including PAN Spain, Avalon and Italy.

Everyone attending the Conference was decoded and had their Galactic Signature on their name badge It was very impressive to talk to kin from Argentina and Brazil and realize how much the Movement had mushroomed and taken off on its own in the past two years - a lot less to lose, so why not take a risk on the truly new? The kin from Brazil seem particularly committed to the calendar change. Infinito cable television is present conducting interviews, including one with the Foundation’s President. This time Erma, the hostess, seems well-informed.

A large public workshop on the Thirteen Moon calendar by Foundation Liaison for Latin American Affairs, Rodrigro Urrea (Chile) is well attended and clearly, precisely and logically presented. Rodrigro has emerged as a preeminent spokesperson for the new calendar. His talk is enlivened by visuals taken from Carmen Nunez Paz Infante’s graduate design study on the Law of Time. The President of the Foundation made three formal presentations at the Conference, one to present himself and the work of the Movement, and two to outline the meaning of the Calendar Change within the context of the prophecy of 2012. A fourth informal, intimate and impromptu gathering of kin was also held for over 20 alumni of Picarquin as well as an equal number of others expressing a high degree of commitment. Here the President empowered all present to be the leaders of the Calendar Change Movement.

The President of the Foundation also participated in the Leadership Sessions. The main outcome of these sessions was to pinpoint a time of activation and synchronization of the various movements present in order to demonstrate the size and global extent of the bioregional, new time, sustainable community and alternative life-style movement. It is agreed that beginning with the Oneness Celebration of the Venus Transit, Electric Monkey, June 8, 2004, through the Day Out of Time, July 25, 2004, Spectral Mirror, that there will be much activation, education and artistic demonstration, culminating in the massive worldwide New Time festivals on Green day. The purpose will be to alert the world to the existence of this now vast and widespread coalition of movements as the genuine alternative to the present technospheric state of affairs.

The second outcome was to target the next Vision Council - a thirteen day event near Alto Paraiso, Brazil to be entitled the Call of the Hummingbird. Set to occur around the Electric Moon Equinox (September 22, 2004). The first seven days will be a more focused leadership event, including plans for a Second Biospheric Congress, while the next six days will be more in the nature of a Time is Art festival and rainbow community gathering. The main organizers for this next Council are kin from Brazil, who also call for a World PAN Congress to be convened during the six day part of the Call of the Hummingbird.

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