The Foundation for the Law of Time exists to distribute information and programs with the purpose of preparing humanity for the transformational age prophecied and scientifically foreseen in the time of and following December 21, 2012.  This date, long known to spiritual practitioners of all walks of life is the date marking the end of what is known as the Mayan Great Cycle of History, a cycle of over 5,200 years.

  • Rinri Project:  Rinri means "Ethical Enlightenment." The Rinri Project is 1. the informed application of advanced synchronometry - disciplines coordinated by the Law of Time, and 2. didactic articles for the purpose of Universal Ethical Enlightenment.

Rinri, Phoenix Edition
  - Volume 4
        Number 1

  • Calendar Change Tour of Duty; Reports:  Archived reports from the travels and planetary outreach of the Foundation's Research and Development Team.

        Phase 1


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