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Pacing the Biosphere-Noosphere Transition

The Foundation for the Law of Time was especially created (AD 2000) to pace and accommodate the Biosphere-Noosphere transition. First discovered in 1989, the Law of Time distinguishes between the artificial-mechanistic timing frequency (12:60) of modern human civilization, and the natural universal timing frequency of synchronization (13:20) characterizing the rest of life on Earth. Because of this critical distinction, the Law of Time has been able to precisely define the Biosphere-Noosphere Transition as a 20 year cycle, 1993-2013. This transition marks the most significant stage in the whole of evolution of life on Earth.

What is the Biosphere-Noosphere Transition?

The biosphere is the sum of terrestrial life as a single unit along with its support systems. Vladimir Vernadsky (1863-1945) succinctly defines the biosphere as the region on Earth for the transformation of cosmic energy - namely solar and cosmic radiation. Due to the impact of the human and its artificial extension, the machine - the direct result of the mechanization of time - the biosphere is being dramatically transformed into a new state, the noosphere.

Defined as Earth’s mental envelope, above yet discontinuous with the biosphere, the noosphere is the imminent stage of the globalization of the human mind and the evolution of its intelligence. The noosphere thus represents a radical shift from the present attitude and means of human existence. According to the Law of Time, the noosphere actually marks the advent of universal telepathy among the human species, and the consequent spiritualization of life on Earth.

Both Vladimir Vernadsky, a geochemist, and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955), a paleontologist, foresaw the Biosphere-Noosphere Transition, though neither envisioned the stage intermediate between the two - the technosphere. Because it is purely a function of the artificial timing frequency, the technosphere - planetary sphere of technology and its field of thought - is defined by the Law of Time as the catalytic agent bringing on the Biosphere-Noosphere Transition. The final phase of the technosphere is the cybersphere - the virtual reality of the internet and related digital computer technologies.

Because of the enormity of this evolutionary transition, characterized as it is by exponential explosion of human population, velocity of machine, inexorability of industrialization and speed of biospheric deterioration, an entirely new perception of reality was required to comprehend the positive aspects of this rapidly accelerating shift.  Such was the purpose of the discovery of the Law of Time.

By establishing the Foundation for the Law of Time, the radical perception of the Law of Time has a vehicle by which the Biosphere-Noosphere Transition can be defined, paced and normalized. By performing this job of enormous benefit to all humanity, largely unaware of the exact nature of the changes now occurring worldwide, the Foundation for the Law of Time has a unique historical and evolutionary role in disseminating new knowledge while informing, unifying and mobilizing many groups and organizations in preparation for the advent of the noosphere.

A New Calendar and A New Movement

First and foremost among its assignments, the Foundation for the Law of Time is responsible for the advocacy and dissemination of the Thirteen Moon/28-day Calendar and its accompanying peace movement and peace plan. The Thirteen Moon/28-day calendar is the pragmatic application of the Law of Time with the immediate goal of normalizing the Biosphere-Noosphere Transition. The Planet Art Network (PAN) -World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement, supported and promoted by the Foundation for the Law of Time, represents the incipient social noospheric transformation brought on by human adaptation to the biospherically normalizing standard of the Thirteen Moon/28-day calendar.

Founded in 1994 at the beginning of the Biosphere-Noosphere Transition, the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement has only just recently come of age. This was evident at the Call of the Condor Vision Council. Held in the Sacred Valley of the Inca, September 22-29 (Electric moon 3-10). The Call of the Condor was a gathering of representatives of the bioregional movement, the eco-village sustainable community network, indigenous alliances, rainbow nation peace caravans - and the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement. Largely due to the Calendar Change Movement’s emphasis on synchronization, a vital program of unified action and demonstration is set for 2004.

This includes a cycle of synchronized action and mobilization between June 8, 2004 - the Venus Transit and Oneness Celebration - and the Day Out of Time, July 25, 2004. The following day, July 26, 2004, Blue Crystal Storm, will inaugurate the Great Calendar Change of 2004 and entry to the eight year mind shift known as the Road to 2012. Then, toward the equinox of September (Electric Moon) 2004, a follow-up gathering of thirteen days will be held in Brazil, to be known as the Call of the Humming Bird. Besides the Vision Council, this gathering will feature a Second Congress of Biospheric Rights, a World PAN Congress and a Time is Art festival further unifying the alternative way of life movement on planet Earth.

Education for the Biosphere-Noosphere Transition

As one of the sponsoring organizations of the Call of the Hummingbird, the Foundation for the Law of Time is involved in the development of a variety of biosphere-noosphere educational programs while supporting social experimentation in intentional communities formed around the Thirteen Moon calendar. Promotion of education for the Biosphere-Noosphere transition includes the production of tools, like the Dreamspell, Journey of Timeship Earth 2013; research and development programs in the law and science of time for the reformulation of the human mind and its knowledge systems; the cultivation of strategic alliances with other scientific, spiritual, peace, and educational organizations which further the noospheric mobilization; and the convening of conferences and congresses for positive social and environmental change. Now is the Time - 2012 is only nine years away.

In order to fulfill its evolutionary assignment, the Foundation for the Law of Time has been established as a nonprofit organization in the state of Oregon, USA.

Proclamation of the Foundation for the Law of Time


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